How often do you come across an Italian restaurant that is true to its roots and makes you feel like you are having lunch or dinner in Italy? Many people could agree that there are very few authentic Italian restaurants that are worth the visit. Although there are many Italian restaurants around, very few of them live up to the standards that they set.

Due Forni is an authentic Italian restaurant with locations in Las Vegas and Austin. We do not just claim to be an authentic restaurant; we prove it plate after plate. At Due Forni, we only use authentic Italian ingredients imported straight from the beautiful country of Italy. Our pasta, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and oils are imported, allowing us to truly serve our hungry patrons the best-tasting Italian dishes in the country.

Our restaurant is known for our delicious pizzas. We have two specialized brick ovens that make our pizzas one of a kind. Did you think that you could only find Neapolitan style pizza in Naples, Italy? If so, you will likely be surprised to learn that you could order and enjoy authentic Neapolitan pizzas at Due Forni. You could have a variety of pizzas at Due Forni; however, our restaurant is much more than just another pizza place.

When you visit Due Forni, you could enjoy a variety of salads and other authentic Italian appetizers. You could enjoy a variety of pasta, all of which are guaranteed to taste authentic because of our 100% imported ingredients. Whether you are in the mood for gnocchi, ravioli, lasagna, or any other type of traditional Italian pasta, you could be certain that you will find what you are looking for in our menu. Are your taste buds looking for something other than pizza or pasta? You could try any of our fish, chicken, or beef authentic Italian entrees.

Due Forni also offers a variety of Italian desserts. Our dedication to preserving Italian authenticity is also clear in our wine list. Regardless of the wine that you are interested in enjoying alongside your food, you could be certain that you could find it—or at least something similar—at Due Forni.

Besides being dedicated to providing you and your family with authentic Italian food and drink, we are also committed to allowing our patrons to experience a little piece of Italy every time they visit our establishment. As soon as you walk into our restaurant, you will feel as if you are walking straight into Italy. We have spent a lot of effort into not only creating authentic-tasting food but also creating an authentic Italian ambient. Whether you want to sit in our elegant bar area, our patio area, or in our main dining area, you could be certain that you will enjoy your time at Due Forni.

With locations in Las Vegas and Austin, it is easy to enjoy our authentic Italian cuisine and atmosphere.