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Everything is home-grown

Whether it is our dough, or sauce, or cheese, everything that we serve is made in-house.

Here in Los Angeles, it is rare to find a restaurant that makes all its ingredients in-house, fresh. A secret that a lot of restaurants don't want customers to know is that they will often buy their food frozen, and they will keep it in the freezer for days, sometimes weeks. When a customer requests a meal, the restaurant will heat up the frozen food using a microwave or oven. We believe not only is that unethical, but it's a disservice to the customer who expects fresh food. Unlike those restaurants, we do not buy our food frozen. Everything is mixed and made fresh, as soon as the guest requests it. This guarantees freshness.

Our Specialties

These are what our restaurant is most famous for


As an Italian restaurant, is it any surprise that we offer pizza?


We don't consider baking our own bread an option - we consider it a necessity.


Fast food joints and quality food don't mix any more. Come and experience a real burger.


We are also famous for our organic chicken tenders. Try it once and taste the difference.

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Actual Customer Reviews

Here are some reasons why everyone loves us:

I came here with my girlfriend for our one-year anniversary. The owner and the rest of the staff are friendly. They took good care of us from start to finish and we hope to be back soon.

They make everything in-house, which is something that I find respectable because it's rare to find such restaurant these days. The food is delicious, prices are reasonable and you get free valet. What more can you ask for?

About Us

Due Forni is an authentic Italian restaurant dedicated to creating a little piece of Italy in both Las Vegas and Austin. By using only ingredients imported straight from Italy, our patrons can taste the genuine taste of Italian food. By creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in our restaurant, our patrons can feel as if they were really having lunch or dinner in Italy.

What makes our pizzas different from the rest? The first major difference between our pizzas and any other pizza that you might have in any other restaurant is that we only use authentic ingredients which have been imported from the beautiful country of Italy. Unlike any other restaurant you might have visited, we have specialized brick ovens that ensure that your pizza tastes like Italy in every bite that you take.

we offer a variety of salads (such as Caesar salad, beets salad, kale salad, spinach salad, and Panzanella salad, for example). You could also open your appetite with any of our other starting options, which include smoked pork belly, carpaccio, polpette, and polipo, among many other options.

Please note that the menu options could vary depending on the location that you visit. Some menu options could also vary depending on the availability of ingredients. When you arrive at our restaurants, one of our wonderful servers will provide you with the latest information regarding our menu options.

Below you will find our latest news and posts. Any interesting news will be posted on our website or on our Twitter account. Sometimes we post discount codes here too, so check back often!

We Have Our Own App Now

We are done with beta testing our app and now our app has been released to the public. You can make an order straight from your phone using your iPhone or Android device. Simply install our app, register, and follow the easy instructions.

New Item on Menu

We now offer sushi in our menu. Made by authentic Japanese ingredients, it is the most authentic sushi you will find in Los Angeles.

New Chef in Town

Our corporate office is proud to announce that we have a new chef. Her name is Tracy and she is responsible for making your meals delicious. Come say hi to her whenever you're close-by, and you will receive a free smoothie.